Project omschrijving

For our client Hydrovac BV Somatidio has build a rackmounted sensor system that measures the height of a dust clound produced by a truck driving on a dusty road. The height is a measure of the cleanliness of the road and an important indicator for Hydrovac to determine which road sections require more intensive cleaning. All the measurements are georeferenced and communicated to a database and a web application that displays a heatmap of all the measurements.

Somatidio measures the attenuation of infrared radiation caused by the presence of dust. Before the hardware was developed first a small research study was executed to determine the attenuation values for typical dust samples and to research the influence of external infrared sources like the sun. The final system consists of:

  • a sturdy rack that is fitted on the back of a truck containing
  • 3 infrared sender / receiver pairs
  • an airpressure system that creates overpressure in the sensors to prevent dust ingression
  • a central processing unit that processes the measurements and communicates with
  • a gps modem that communicates with
  • a database and online accessible dynamic map.
  • a LabVIEW application used for monitoring and calibration of the system.

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